Beat Night Fundraiser: NH Farmland for Refugees

ishoIt’s more important than ever to help immigrants and refugees to the United States assimilate, become self-sufficient and feel welcome. And it’s also more important than ever to listen to women. At the December 15th Beat Night we will do both.

ORIS (Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success) in Manchester is doing really important work and they need our help. ORIS is pursuing the purchase of 56.8 acres in Dunbarton NH to create a permanent farmstead that offers refugee farmers a place to grow food as well as live.

The December 15th Beat Night is going to be a fundraiser to help buy this farm! We have fourteen special guest poets and speakers who will be featured that evening and they are all women.

During this season of giving let’s do something important with our time and money to help ensure that refugees and immigrants to New Hampshire have a place to work and be a part of the community as well as continuing to make New Hampshire a beacon of compassion in the world. Support the farm here!

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