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Beat Night Fundraiser: NH Farmland for Refugees

December 15 2016 Beat Night at The Press Room will be a Fundraiser for ORIS (Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success). ORIS, together with The Russell Foundation, is pursuing the purchase of 56.8 acres located in Dunbarton NH to create a permanent farmstead that offers refugee farmers a place to grow food as well as live.

I and everyone else at Beat Night is very happy to help ORIS buy this farm so that New Hampshire refugee and immigrant residents will have a permanent place to work and be a part of the community and to increasingly make New Hampshire a beacon of compassion in the United States and the world.

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Beat Night is turning 16! To celebrate, on March 19, 2015 we are having a fundraiser for The Light and Leadership Initiative at The Press Room in Portsmouth.

We will have 16 of Beat Night’s most infamous poets, raffle prizes, Beat Might merch and of course The Beat Night Band. 

We’ll be raising money for The Light and Leadership Initiative (LLI), a non-profit organization bringing education and empowerment to the women and children of Huaycan, Peru.

Last May, I took a month long trip to Peru and had the privilege of volunteering for LLI. While I was there, I took the opportunity to create a Beat Night-style poetry reading for a small group of teenage students, something none of them had ever done before, and it was a huge success. LLI has opened a teen center in Huaycan to continue the Beat Night workshop which includes the printing of books for their students’ work.

If you can’t make it to The Press Room on March 19th for our fundraiser, please consider making a donation directly to The Light and Leadership Initiative:


I have worked with Lara DeVries and her team of volunteers in Huaycan and I can vouch for their legitimacy and compassion.