There’s no Hive without Intersectionality

I’ve attempted to practice my own values of hive oneness and love for some time, but I’ve also come to understand those things as vague and useless and another form of privilege without a way to apply them to how I live, work, speak and spend my money and time. Intersectionality is the bridge that’s helping me to continue to remove the blinders of privilege and to define and apply my beliefs to everything I do.

Crystal Paradisrecent article in the Portsmouth Herald evenly and compassionately explains the values of intersectionality as applied to the movement of feminism.  And through her organization Feminist Oasis, she exemplifies those values by showing us how we need to communicate these ideas and put them into practice for a world that works for everyone and not just the privileged.

Read Crystal’s article Feminism is Empty without Intersectionality and Action at Seacoast Online

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